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Electron applications

Use Anystack to secure your Electron application with license validation and ship auto-installing updates.



Activate your license to get started

Plug and play integration

Figuring out how to secure your application or implementing auto-update support for private repositories can be time-consuming. That's why we did all the hard work for you, import our package, add a few lines of code, and that's it.

3(async () => {
4 await app.whenReady();
6 const mainWindow = createWindow('main', {
7 width: 1024,
8 height: 600,
9 show: false,
10 });
12 Anystack.ifAuthorized(mainWindow);

Auto-update Support

Anystack automatically updates your Electron application to the latest version. Implement your own logic, or you can use our plug and play package to add auto-updates for valid license holders instantly.

Electron Auto-Updater

Reliable, fast, and secure

Secure high-speed downloads, allowing you to easily distribute your software to users without worrying about slow download speeds or security issues.

Easy to configure access policies

Control access by configuring license activations, automatic repository access management, version, and time constraint, and expiration consequences.

Unique repository URL

Each of your products will have a beautiful, unique repository URL that is easy to remember.

Mono repository support

You can connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product and distribute your product using multiple packages.

Grant repository access

You can choose to allow customers to have access to your private GitHub repository. Access is automatically granted and revoked based on their license policy.

Access logs

Keep track of your product usage across all your customers. See exactly which files have been accessed by your customers.

1. Build and publish your release on GitHub

Take the hassle out of manual uploads. Simply build and publish your release on GitHub, and let Anystack handle the rest.

2. Anystack will automatically import and process your release assets

Anystack streamlines the process of importing and processing your release assets, so you can focus on what's important. Automate the tedious parts of releasing with Anystack.

3. Release assets are securely distributed to license holders

Keep your release assets safe and secure with Anystack. Our platform ensures that your assets are only distributed to authorized license holders, giving you peace of mind.

4. Users can download and install new releases straight from their terminal

Say goodbye to manual downloads and copy & paste driven development. Our platform allows users to easily download and install new releases straight from the terminal, making the process quick and painless.

Trusted by great developers and companies

I've been a user with Anystack since its beta, and this service is absolutely killer.

With Anystack, I've been able to *entirely* focus on the creation of my product, instead of worrying about the complexities of billing systems, releases, updates (via Electron), and more.

Without using Anystack, I would have *never* been able to launch my product at all. It's allowed me to generate a whole new revenue stream that I never thought I'd be able to maintain on my own.

Steve Bauman
Creator of

I've been using Anystack to distribute updates to my Electron application for the past year, and it has saved me countless hours.

Don Kooijman
Founder at Billable

As the founder, I might be a bit biased, but I built Anystack to focus on creating amazing products instead of worrying about the complexities of billing systems, releases, updates, and more. I still use it daily to sell and distribute my products.

Philo Hermans
Founder at Anystack