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Background process management with Porter

Spin up your development background processes with ease 🪄

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 porter add^500
`Adding /Users/developer/anystack/porter.yml`
`Restarting porter:`

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 porter status^500
`Queue service: RUNNING`
`Vite service: RUNNING`
`Octane service: RUNNING`
`Stripe service: RUNNING`

2 - name: Queue
3 command: php artisan horizon
4 restartInMinutes: 1
6 - name: Vite
7 command: npm run dev
9 - name: Octane
10 command: php artisan octane:start
12 - name: Stripe
13 command: stripe listen

Trusted by great developers and companies

I've been a user of Anystack for a couple of months now and I have to say that it does everything that I want, and it does it all well.

We sell a Laravel package that makes it easy for developers to build flexible filter systems. I originally hand-rolled a distribution system for Composer that worked ok, but was a huge pain and lacked a lot of the features that Anystack has by default. Anystack's licensing system is well thought through and robust. It makes it easy for me to add people to special licensing schemes easily (early access, etc), and it syncs to the Composer distribution without any effort on my part. It also handles time-based, or major-release-based expiration, which is perfect for us.

Creating a new release is simple too, all you do is tag it on GitHub. That's it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The best part though is that Anystack can handle payment for you if you want. It's like a hosted Stripe Checkout for selling your code. As a developer, I can focus on writing my software and not have to worry about writing software to sell my software.

Aaron Francis
Co-founder Hammerstone & Educator at Planet Scale

As the founder, I might be a bit biased, but I built Anystack to focus on creating amazing products instead of worrying about the complexities of billing systems, releases, updates, and more. I still use it daily to sell and distribute my products.

Philo Hermans
Founder at Anystack

I’m using Anystack to sell my PHP-packages for Filament PHP via Composer. Self-hosting a private Composer server is notoriously difficult, but Anystack made this a breeze. Anystack provides me with peace of mind that billing and licensing is in good hands. Recommended!

Ralph J. Smit
Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

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What is Porter?
Porter is a command-line interface (CLI) tool that makes it easy to run background services by adding a few lines to a configuration file. These services are managed by Supervisord, a process control system that ensures that all processes are kept up and running. With Porter, you don't have to manually start and manage background services in multiple terminal tabs. Instead, you can simply use the porter command to manage all of your services in a single place.
Is Porter free to use?
Yes, you can use Porter for free. Porter is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.