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Private NPM Packages

Use Anystack as your private NPM/Yarn repository and let your users install your packages with only a few lines of code.

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 npx unlock-pkg hello-world e06-61-4ee-88f4-94a^500
`You are about to install "hello-world" with your license.`
`Please confirm to continue? (y)` ^300 y
`Package registry added.`
`Your license key is stored.`
`Installing package...`
` Successfully installed "hello-world".`

2 "private":true,
3 "dependencies":{
4 "@hello-world/hello-world":"^1.0.0"
5 }

Reliable, fast, and secure

Secure high-speed downloads, allowing you to easily distribute your software to users without worrying about slow download speeds or security issues.

Easy to configure access policies

Control access by configuring license activations, automatic repository access management, version, and time constraint, and expiration consequences.

Unique repository URL

Each of your products will have a beautiful, unique repository URL that is easy to remember.

Mono repository support

You can connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product and distribute your product using multiple packages.

Grant repository access

You can choose to allow customers to have access to your private GitHub repository. Access is automatically granted and revoked based on their license policy.

Access logs

Keep track of your product usage across all your customers. See exactly which files have been accessed by your customers.

1. Build and publish your release on GitHub

Take the hassle out of manual uploads. Simply build and publish your release on GitHub, and let Anystack handle the rest.

2. Anystack will automatically import and process your release assets

Anystack streamlines the process of importing and processing your release assets, so you can focus on what's important. Automate the tedious parts of releasing with Anystack.

3. Release assets are securely distributed to license holders

Keep your release assets safe and secure with Anystack. Our platform ensures that your assets are only distributed to authorized license holders, giving you peace of mind.

4. Users can download and install new releases straight from their terminal

Say goodbye to manual downloads and copy & paste driven development. Our platform allows users to easily download and install new releases straight from the terminal, making the process quick and painless.

Trusted by great developers and companies

I've been a user of Anystack for a couple of months now and I have to say that it does everything that I want, and it does it all well.

We sell a Laravel package that makes it easy for developers to build flexible filter systems. I originally hand-rolled a distribution system for Composer that worked ok, but was a huge pain and lacked a lot of the features that Anystack has by default. Anystack's licensing system is well thought through and robust. It makes it easy for me to add people to special licensing schemes easily (early access, etc), and it syncs to the Composer distribution without any effort on my part. It also handles time-based, or major-release-based expiration, which is perfect for us.

Creating a new release is simple too, all you do is tag it on GitHub. That's it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The best part though is that Anystack can handle payment for you if you want. It's like a hosted Stripe Checkout for selling your code. As a developer, I can focus on writing my software and not have to worry about writing software to sell my software.

Aaron Francis
Co-founder Hammerstone & Educator at Planet Scale

Anystack allows you to sell your packages easily and in a very affordable way; it’s ideal for products creators, and it’s the only solution on the market oriented to startups and enterprise. Also Philo is super nice and helpful!

Alexandra Spalato
Co-founder and developer at Gatsby WP Themes

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

What does NPM stand for?
NPM stands for Node Package Manager, and it is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language. NPM is used to manage the packages (or modules) that are used in a Node.js project. It allows developers to share their code, as well as download and use packages created by other developers. NPM is the default package manager for the Node.js runtime environment, and it is used by millions of developers to manage the dependencies in their projects.
Can I distribute my code to users without using NPM?
Yes, Anystack provides a hosted download page for your software where your users can download the .zip archive of your code. You can also use the API to retrieve the download link.
What is is the domain name we use to host your private repositories. This allows for easy and user-friendly repository URLs.